Hu Jun denied understanding of Darai group leader completely unaware 鲁西西的表哥

Hu Jun denied "understanding Darai: group leader" is completely unaware of Hu Jun Hu Jun scene photos screenshot micro-blog late on February 25th, Hu Jun through micro-blog’s statement: "during the Spring Festival, I took my family to travel to India to pray, and to participate in the New Year blessing ceremony, wish all good luck. There were thousands of monks in the law, and in some reports there was the presence of the so-called separatist group leader. I knew nothing about it, nor did I know any splinter group! I solemnly declare: as a Chinese, I am firmly opposed to all the secession of speech and behavior!!!" China previously reported: Tibet network: entertainers in national interests do not trip up recently, several media reports, Faye Wong, Tony Leung, Hu Jun and other stars appeared in India to attend law news, and with many pictures. However, in the "fans" tut Marvel "days" makeup at the same time, people have looked more deeply: according to professional identification, photo was Darai’s two core leader of these artists sitting in the front row, they are served in the so-called "Tibet government in exile" to the post. This is reminiscent of widespread speculation photo 2014 Jet Li couple with the Darai Lama raised online, even the net posts have questioned its secretly funded "Tibet independence" group. Although Jet Li issued a lawyer’s letter is called the "malicious invention", but there are also netizens "as an influential public figures, public meeting Darai, shot so intimate photos, but also spread out, is speculation, Lenovo, isn’t it a normal thing", and the the "King" of "days" and traced Darai core group leader sit together, is also very easy to make people think. The author is reluctant to malicious speculation of these stars, but have to say, individual artists support "Tibet independence" is not without criminal record: American actor Sharon Stone, Iceland singer Bjork, "big mouth" Julia Roberts, Brad Angelina, Peter Julie, Richard kiel…… They support "Tibet independence" are substantiated every word and action, criticized is not a day for two days. This time, Faye Wong and Tony Leung, knowing that this is the "Tibet independence" group leader, and they sat together, how can you? It is true that Faye Wong’s worship of Buddha and their participation in religious activities are all possible. Faye Wong said in early 2006 had a tour to the star and praying. In June 2012, she again went to India and continue praying too, accompanied by his wife Carina Lau Tony Leung. In December of the same year, she went to India with her daughter Dou Jingtong and the Zhao Wei family, and went back at the end of 2014…… It almost speaks for the pilgrimage to India. Tony Leung and his wife Carina Lau, also in 2008 to India to pray. But on the other hand, the star as a public figure, seems to be cautious is. And the "Tibet independence" group leader to stir together, far beyond the category of "religious freedom". In case of "general unknown" in the national cause stumbled, lost his efforts for many years accumulated a good reputation, but also it is wrong. In recent years, with the "Tibet independence" group in the international market, a lot of prop

胡军否认“认识达赖集团头目”:完全不知情 胡军现场照片 胡军微博截图   2月25日晚,胡军通过微博声明:“春节期间,我携家人赴印度旅行祈福,并参加新年祈福法会,祈愿所有人吉祥安康。法会有上万僧众参加,对某些报道中提及有所谓的分裂集团头目在场的情况,我完全不知情,也不认识任何分裂集团分子!本人严正声明:作为一名中国人,我坚决反对一切分裂国家的言论和行为!!!”   此前报道:中国西藏网:演艺人士切勿在国家大义上栽跟头   近日,多家媒体报道了王菲、梁朝伟、胡军等明星现身印度参加法会的新闻,并配以多幅图片。然而在“粉丝”们啧啧惊叹“天后”素颜的同时,有心人却看得更为深入:据专业人士“指认”,照片中竟有达赖集团两核心头目坐在几位艺人前排,他们均在所谓的“西藏流亡政府”中担任要职。   这不禁让人想起2014年李连杰夫妇与达赖喇嘛的合影在网上引发的广泛猜测,甚至有网帖质疑其暗中资助“藏独”集团。虽然李连杰方面发布律师函 称是“恶意捏造”,但也有网友直言“做为一个颇具影响力的公众人物,公开与达赖会面,拍摄这么亲密的照片,而且还被流传出来,被人臆测、联想,难道不是很正常的事情吗”,而此次“天王”“天后”被曝与达赖集团核心头目坐在一起,也很容易让人产生联想啊。   笔者并不愿以恶意揣测这些明星,但不得不说,个别艺人支持“藏独”并非没有前科:美国演员莎朗・斯通、冰岛女歌手比约克、“大嘴”朱莉娅・罗伯 茨、布拉德・皮特、安吉丽娜・朱莉、李察・基尔……他们支持“藏独”的一言一行都查有实据,为人所诟病也不是一天两天了。这一次,王菲、梁朝伟等人明知这 几位是“藏独”集团头目,还与他们坐在一起,是要怎样?   诚然,王菲他们拜拜佛、参加参加宗教活动本无不可。据称王菲早在2006年就曾与一众巨星组团前往求子。2012年6月,她再次组团前往印度贺 寿兼继续求子,同行的还有梁朝伟妻子刘嘉玲。同年12月,她和女儿窦靖童以及赵薇一家再赴印度,2014年底又去……几乎可以为“印度朝圣之旅”代言了。 梁朝伟、刘嘉玲夫妇也曾于2008年飞赴印度拜佛。   但另一方面,明星作为公众人物,似乎更应谨言慎行才是。和“藏独”集团头目搅在一起,已经远远超出了“宗教信仰自由”的范畴。万一因“识人不明”在国家大义上栽了跟头,丢了自己努力多年积累的好名声,还真是冤枉。   近年来,随着“藏独”集团在国际上行情看跌,不少国家领导人都已经对达赖喇嘛及“藏独”集团关上了大门:英国的卡梅伦、德国的默克尔、法国的奥朗德,还有丹麦首相、罗马教皇……之前见过达赖的不肯再见,没见过的更是将此当成了政治加分。   而在娱乐圈,由于与“藏独”掺和在一起导致“犯众怒”、被“粉丝”自发抵制的例子也不少,前述的外国明星多有受其所累者,美国摇滚乐队“魔力红”的中国演唱会便被取消,莎朗・斯通更是被撤下代言广告,他们在中国“粉丝”心目中的形象也是一落千丈。   当然,那些支持“港独”“台独”的艺人下场也无二致,还记得支持“占中”的黄秋生、辱骂内地人的杜汶泽、唱台湾“国歌”的张惠妹、涉嫌“台独” 的周子瑜吗?殷鉴不远,好自为之,越是知名艺人越需严格约束自己,若是打着“明星”“自由”的招牌为所欲为,那么产生的苦果也只有自己吞。(中国西藏网 文 苏文彦) 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章:

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