The UK summit is expected to reach a favorable agreement with the European Union and the pound will 清华大学马冬晗

The EU is expected to reach the summit of the United Kingdom agreement pounds sterling against the dollar on Thursday rose FX168 news (February 18th) rise since the two week low against the euro also strong, because there are early signs that later this week at a summit of EU reform may reach agreement, for Britain to stay in the EU, to provide more favorable conditions to the. The pound rose to 1.4393 on the dollar, up from 1.4235 on Wednesday, the lowest since February 1st. The pound rose 0.5% against the euro, to 0.7740. Prime Minister Cameron said Thursday that all efforts and good intentions should be able to help him reach an agreement at the EU summit, and that the leaders of the 28 EU member countries see the summit as the best chance for Britain to stay in the eu. Earlier Thursday, Juncker, chairman of the European Union Executive Committee, said he was "confident" that the European Union leaders could reach agreement with Britain on its future membership status". John Hardy, director of currency strategy at Saxo Bank, said Juncker’s comments were the main driver of the pound’s rise on Thursday. In view of the large current account deficit and the higher interest rates in other developed economies, the trend of sterling tends to synchronize with riskier assets. Beijing 4:11, pound sterling 1.4320. Proof: Jun bin into [shares] discuss Sina Finance

预计欧盟峰会上将达成对英国有利协议 英镑上涨   FX168讯 英镑兑美元周四(2月18日)自两周低点回升,兑欧元也走强,因有初步迹象显示,本周稍后举行的峰会上可能达成欧盟改革协议,为将英国留在欧盟,向其提供更加优厚的条件。   英镑兑美元一度涨至1.4393,高于周三所创的2月1日以来最低1.4235。英镑兑欧元涨0.5%,报0.7740。   英国首相卡梅伦周四称,多方努力和良好意愿应该能够帮助他在欧盟峰会上达成协议,欧盟28个成员国领导人将此次峰会看作是能让英国留在欧盟的最好机会。   周四稍早,欧盟执委会主席容克称,他对欧盟领导人能够与英国就其未来成员国地位达成协议“很有信心”。   丹麦盛宝银行(Saxo Bank)货币策略主管John Hardy称,容克的评论是周四英镑上涨的主要驱动力。   鉴于英国经常账赤字庞大,且较之其他发达经济体利率偏高,英镑走势通常与风险较高资产同步。   北京时间4:11,英镑 美元报1.4320。   校对:浚滨 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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